Humans of Agriculture
Humans of Agriculture - David Cornish

Humans of Agriculture - David Cornish

March 28, 2020

David Cornish is an Agribusiness Lecturer at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria. He brings his background from the family farm, agribusiness banking and consulting to provide practical learnings for the students. 

He is seeing the current Covid-19 environment as a great opportunity for students to learn, develop and broaden their networks. 

David's twitter is @Barnoolut

You can follow us on Instagram: @HumansofAgriculture_

Humans of Agriculture - Mark LaBrooy

Humans of Agriculture - Mark LaBrooy

March 25, 2020

Mark has travelled the world working in some exclusive restaurants. He is an author, hunter, chef, and probably most commonly known as a Founder of the well renowned Three Blue Ducks.

Mark LaBrooy is incredibly passionate about the process in getting food onto your plate. We talk about the role of consumer choice, relationship of animal welfare and end quality, and a really cool project he was part of with Zero Mass Water.

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